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GRUPO ORONOVIAS is a family owned business founded in 1987 devoting its activity to the design and manufacturing of exclusive wedding dresses and special occasion wear.

At present ORONOVIAS GROUP‘s business is undertaken in its new factory based in Murcia, Spain. These new premises were inaugurated in March 2008 and consist of 2400 square meters providing an ideal base to obtain the maximum level of quality in the manufacturing of its outfits and completing the final link required to strengthen our national and international markets.

ASCENSION BERNAL, both Designer and Image Director of  the ORONOVIAS GROUP, creates each year several collections consisting of more than 150 different designs which she personally coordinates with her group of profesional seamstresses to obtain haute couture quality outfits.

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All designs are unique and outstanding.  All are made up involving special handicrafts tecniques  and are made to measure with the most advanced technology. Each outfit is made to order exclusively for the client whichis then backed up by strict quality control and by using a selection of top fabrics of the highest quality. These are based on chiffons, shantug, organza, mikados, silk gazar, natural silk, wild silk, laces, macrames and special embroideries using Swaroski stones with natural silk thread.

A label on each dress indicates its exclusivity to its owner. It also indicates the date when the pattern was made, when it was cut out, when it was manufactured, when it was passed through quality control and when it was ironed and boxed. Even the people involved in all these processes are recognised and noted so that when it arrives at its destination anywhere in the world, it will be delivered in perfect condition.

Special mention to the human team of 60 professionals, who manage to provide the company, character and professionalism necessary to meet the new challenges and the leadership position that the company holds.

All the designs from the haute couture Fiesta Collections (special occasion wear) and the bridal brand, Oronovias, are all  made in Spain. These garments are distributed to the most exclusive boutiques both in Spain and abroad trading under the brand names of Oronovias, Ascension Bernal and Euforia which all belong to the Oronovias Group.

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ORONOVIAS GROUP organises events each year mainly to maintain a close relationship with its clients. They also take partin some of the most important bridal, catwalks and fashion exhibitionssuch as Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week.

ORONOVIAS GROUP views the future with excitement and confidence, investing in new modern sophisticated machinery for pattern making and the cutting out of garments, some of which are assisted by computer. It is also involved in negotiations with distributors to commercialise its products in different parts of the world such as: United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Japan, and among others.


Our fundamental objective, both in the past, present and future, is to createa unique garment and make it bespoke and exclusive for the bride on her very special day.

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